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Do You Want to Speak English with Confidence? Set a Deadline!

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, Sep 09, 2014 @ 04:47 PM

Lindsay McMahon English and Culture

Today I am announcing my very special VIP English Confidence Program!

I only have 3 spots available in this program.

Do want to stop feeling shy and embarrassed when you speak English?

Do you have a professional or personal dream but do you feel that your English is your biggest obstacle to achieving your dream?

Three lucky students are going to work with me this fall to become confident in English by December of 2014.

This program is going to be awesome for many reasons but the most important reason is that we are putting a short time limit on it.

When you put a deadline on your work, you know that you don't have all of the time in the world.

You are forced to maximize every learning opportunity that you have.

When your time is limited, you don't waste it.

Are you putting a deadline on your goals? If you aren't, I suggest you start now! Learn more about this program below!


What is the VIP English Confidence Program?


This is an opportunity for you to push your English skills to a new level and finally stop feeling embarrassed or shy when you speak English with colleagues, clients, managers, or friends.




Who is it for?

It's only for 3 students!

I only have space this fall for 3 very dedicated and motivated students.

Hurry up and apply now if you want to have a spot in the VIP English Confidence Program.

If you are an upper intermediate or advanced English learner who needs to speak English at work every day, you are the perfect student for this program.



What is included?


  • 30 minute free consultation with Lindsay
  • 10 (90-minute) customized English lessons
  • At-home learning recommendations delivered by email
  • Unlimited email support for business English questions
  • Instant access to 44 daily life English speaking guides to deepen your vocabulary in specific situations
  • 10 mobile, short listening resources selected by Lindsay based on your needs
  • Your choice of 1 of our 3 popular vocabulary guides


Are you ready to get confident in English?

Stop feeling shy and embarrassed when you speak English!

Click the button below to apply to join the VIP English Confidence Program!



Get My Special Confidence Assessment Now!

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