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ESL for Business | English Idioms and Expressions at the Office

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, Apr 19, 2011 @ 01:56 PM

ESL business EnglishAre you learning ESL for business?

In the United States, native English speakers use a lot of idioms and expressions in daily life and in the office.

Are you ready to use these expressions too?

If you have English speaking colleagues at work, you need to know these expressions in order to communicate successfully with them at work.

Don't worry! We are here to help you.

Take a look at today's post to find some of the common expressions and idioms that you might hear at work. 

Business Idioms and Expressions in English



1. To have a lot on one's plate: 


To have a lot of things to do, to have a heavy workload or to have a lot of projects that need to be completed at the same time.

"I hope my boss doesn't give me any more work. I have a deadline on Friday and I already have so much on my plate"



2. To pull one's weight:


To complete one's share of the work in a group project or assignment.

"We should have a talk with Mike. He has been coming late and unprepared to our meetings. He needs to start pulling his weight"


3. To go through the roof:


To increase beyond expectations

"At the beginning of the year, our sales were down, but now they are (going) through the roof. I am glad we changed our strategy"


4. To iron (something) out:


To settle, resolve a problem through compromise or discussion.

"I've been having some disagreements with my colleagues lately and it has been difficult to work together so I hope we can iron things out soon"


Next check out these English verbs for the office to speak with confidence at work!

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