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English for Business: How to Open a Business Meeting in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, May 17, 2011 @ 09:19 AM

English for BusinessAre you wondering how to open a business meeting in English?

Maybe you have a meeting coming up this week?

Today in our English for business lesson, we will talk about how to open a business meeting in English.

 If English is not your native language, it could be a challenge to lead a meeting in English, but with a little practice, you will be ready to lead a meeting in English the next time your boss asks you to do it.

This week, we have a series of articles to give you English for business phrases that you can use in your next meeting.



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How to Open a Business Meeting in English


Just like a business presentation in English, it's important to set the tone and convey a professional attitude at the beginning of your meeting.

When you start the meeting, you can greet your colleagues, then you can move into the main topics and state the goals for the meeting.

Below we have some phrases that you can use to start the meeting.


Greeting Attendees:


  • "Welcome everyone"
  • "Thank you for coming today"
  • Good afternoon/good morning everyone"


Getting Started:


  • "If everyone is here, I think we'll get started"
  • "We have a lot to discuss so let's start"
  • "Is everyone ready to begin?"


Stating Goals and Objectives for the Meeting:


  • "Today I'd like to..."
  • "We're here today to..."
  • "Our goal for today's meeting is..."
  • "I've arranged this meeting so that we can..."
  • "Today our objectives are..."
  • "On today's agenda, we have..."


Remember, just knowing the correct phrases to lead a meeting isn't enough!

Find out how cultural differences and time might influence your meeting with your international colleagues. You can also check out this article to get 3 great tips for your next business meeting with your American colleagues.


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