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ESL English Grammar- Describing Habits in the Past and Present

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Jul 06, 2011 @ 10:03 AM

ESL English Grammar- FishingWhat is the difference between "used to do" and "to be used to doing" ? This is a question that a lot of our English students in New York and Boston ask. In today's ESL English grammar lesson, we will find out how to use both expressions to describe habits and activities in the past and in the present. Do you have a free minute? If so, watch the video lesson below and take the quiz to test your learning.

 Try this quiz to test your learning!


1. When I started my job, I was used to _____ up late but I had to start getting up early to be at work on time.


2. I used to _____tennis a lot when I was a teenager.


3. It was hard to get used to _______ in Boston after I left New York.


4. He's not used to _____coffee in the morning. He prefers to drink tea.

Answer Key: 1) getting, 2) play, 3) living, 4) drinking


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