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Prepare for your Next Business Presentation in English with our Guide

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 11:54 AM

business presentation in English guideAre you preparing for a business presentation in English? Do you know the correct English words and phrases to use during your presentation? Have you thought about how you might want to alter your presentation style based on what is expected for business presentations in the United States? A lot of our students in New York and Boston are international professionals who need to be able to make a presentation at their workplace in English. This can be an intimidating experience if you are not prepared! Our professional tutors help our students practice for their presentations by introducing new expressions, helping them think about how to structure the presentation and asking them to consider how presenting in United States culture might be different from presenting in their home country. Based on the work that we have done with students, we have created a free guide to help you prepare for your next presentation.


In this guide, you will learn phrases and tips for:

1. How to Plan the Presentation:

  • Practical issues and

  • Questions to ask yourself

2. Introduction:

  • The opening

  • How to introduce yourself

  • How to involve the audience

  • State goals for the presentation

3. Main Body of the Presentation

  • Give examples

  • Summarize a point

  • Quote an expert

4. Conclusion of the Presentation

  • Give the audience a call to action

  • Invite questions

5. Presenting in American Culture

  • Expectations regarding timing

  • Making a point or argument

  • Audience involvement


Does it sound like this guide could help you with your next presentation? If so, please download it for free! Good luck!


Prepare for your next presentation in English


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