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Mumbai to Boston | The Life of an Indian Expat in the U.S.

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Jun 06, 2012 @ 02:21 PM

Indian Expat in the U.S SameerMoving to the United States for work can be scary and exciting at the same time! What was the transition like for you?

Were your expectations completely different from what you actually experienced? What surprised you about life here?

Since we all experience intercultural transitions in different ways, sometimes it's nice to hear the thoughts of other expatriates about their new lives here.

Today we are excited to bring you Sameer's story. Sameer is an Indian expat in the U.S. and a friend of English and Culture. He came to Boston four years ago to study and to work as a freelance writer. Is your story similar to Sameer's? Find out in today's article!


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The Life of an Indian Expat in the U.S. | Sameer's Story


Indian Expats in the US  Gandhi quoteOur first two learning sources are our parents and teachers. True!

But our best teacher is experience and what we learn from the world contradicts most of what we learned from the first two teachers. When this thought ran across my mind, I decided to write about my life in the USA.

So, here I am, seated in a small coffee shop of a small town in the US pouring my thoughts on paper.





A Completely Different Place


I was born and brought up in Mumbai, the city of dreams, the commercial capital of India. I Indian expats from Mumbaistudied and worked in Mumbai for 27 years of my life. And then one fine day, I decided to gain some international exposure and thus moved to the USA.

As I started living here, in the USA, I started feeling how different it is from Mumbai. The infrastructure, the climate, the architecture, the population, the culture, the food, the music, the cars…. The list is endless… My life changed (for the good). In this essay, I will talk about two important elements of any culture – food and people.




Finding the Right Food in the U.S.


Indian expats eating in USA restaurantSo, the first thing I had to worry about in the USA was food. I am a Vegetarian and thought I would have a tough time finding my kind of food in restaurants.

But to my surprise, I find at least 2 Veggie options in several restaurants, if not all.

I have also become very tolerant to Non-Vegetarians. And above all, after coming here, I realized I have a talent for cooking.




Mingling with Local People


 mingling expatriates BostonMy second challenge was, “Will I be able to mingle with the people here?” I was used to a cosmopolitan life in Mumbai but this place is a lot more diverse than I thought.

Furthermore, people around me are so warm, sociable, amiable, considerate, and open-minded. Individuals have a fun attitude toward life; they live for today. People take care of their own work – at home (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc…) and in the office. People are also very professional and committed in the work environment. Merit is rewarded and appreciated.



Unexpected Discoveries

American flagWomen are treated equally in almost every walk of life. Homosexuality does not seem like a sin anymore; it is a choice. Everyone believes in being independent and nobody is interested in interfering in others’ lives.

We celebrate all Indian and American festivals with loads of fun and tolerance for each others’ cultures. When we come from India we carry a very wrong image that family life and social life in the USA is in a sorry state. That is not true! People have a great social life here. The families that I have come across have closely attached members who give each other space and love each other selflessly. And which society does not have its social issues? The USA has its problems too. However, I have had a very positive experience with life here.



A Learning Experience


As Indians, we believe that Indian culture is the best and western culture is inferior. But I think every culture has its merits and demerits. I believe in embracing the merits of any culture. I love India. It is my motherland; my home. But for now, the United States of America is my second home and I love it too.



What's your Story?


Everyone has a story, what's yours? Would you like to tell your story on the English and Culture Blog? If so, please contact us!







Sameer writes for Professional Translation Services24. They are a full language service provider for businesses engaged in global networks. They are a high quality Translation agency providing professional translation to their global clients. They also offer certified and legal translations for immigrants travelling around the world.



Photo credit: Loving Earth, Polygon Homes, Susan NYC Travelwyse

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