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Phrasal Verb English Quiz! How Was the Company Picnic?

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Aug 22, 2012 @ 08:41 AM

Learn English with phrasal verbs BostonHave you ever attended your company's summer picnic or barbecue party? Did you enjoy it?

Many companies in the United States bring their employees together at least once during the summer to enjoy the nice weather and build community.

They often bring their families, eat food from the grill and sometimes they play games like softball or volleyball.

In the conversation below, Sarah and John, two co-workers, are driving home from the company picnic.

Find out how the experience was for them!

Practice your phrasal verbs in English by choosing the correct words from the box to finish the conversation.


phrasal verbs in English quiz word bank


Sarah: So did you have a good time at the company picnic today?


John: Yeah it was ok. I was a little nervous at first, especially since our boss was there but I managed to _____  ______ after I talked to a few people. How about you?


company picnic phrasal verb English quiz

Sarah: Yeah I had a good time but I got stuck talking to Mary, the woman from IT. We talked for about 20 minutes. Then I finally_____  _____ when another colleague came over.


John: Oh wow. She is pretty nice but she likes to ________  ______.


Sarah: Yeah, that's right and I couldn't ______ ____ ______ an excuse to walk away.


John: Oh by the way, I met Mike's wife who works at Google. She said they might be looking for someone with my expertise in their marketing department.


Sarah: Oh cool! You should definitely _______  _____  on that. It sounds like a great opportunity for you!


John: I wanted to talk to Katie, the one who started working last week in HR but I _______  ____ and got nervous.


company picnicSarah: That's too bad. Maybe you can talk to her at the next party.


Sarah: Did you try the steak that the host was grilling?


John: No, I just had the salad. I am trying to ______  _____ on meat and greasy food.


Sarah: Sounds like a good idea. Maybe I will try to do that too!


Check your answers!

Click here to get the answer key


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