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Need Help with English Vocabulary? See, Look, and Watch

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Aug 27, 2012 @ 07:47 AM

help with English vocabulary, see, watch, lookA great question came up in one of my classes this week! My student asked me about the difference between the verbs "to look," "to see," and "to watch."

Do you need help with this English vocabulary question?

If so, we are here to help! Take two minutes to watch today's video and then take our quiz!

If you have any other questions after watching the video, feel free to reach out and contact us for some extra practice and additional examples.


Now get started!


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Test Your Learning! Try this Quiz!


Choose "see", "watch" or "look" and conjugate the verb as needed.


1. We _________ a movie last night at my friend's house.


2. ________ over there! Is that Brad Pitt eating in a restaurant??


3. If you turn out the lights, I can't ____________.


4. Have you ever _______ a dog with purple fur?


5. When the clown walked into the room, all of the kids ______ at him and laughed.


6. Do you like to ______ people walk by on a busy afternoon in the city?


7. Let's hire a babysitter to_______ the kids while we go out tonight.


8. What's the most beautiful city you have ever _______?



Quiz Answers: 1) watched, 2) look, 3) see, 4) seen, 5) looked, 6) watch, 7) watch, 8) seen




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