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Learn about Labor Day with Native English Speakers

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Thu, Sep 06, 2012 @ 08:08 AM

labor day picnic  practice listening with native English speakersMonday was Labor Day! What is Labor Day?

What does it mean to American people and what do Americans do on Labor Day?

In today's lesson, you will get a chance to learn the answer to these questions by listening to native English speakers talk about this American holiday.

Do you want to learn 6 new expressions in 90 seconds and test your comprehension with a quiz?

If so, today's lesson is for you! Now get started!


Here are 6 new expressions from today's lesson


 labor day in American culture  ESL listening quiz1. To chat (verb): To briefly and casually discuss a topic

We chatted for a few minutes before dinner.

2. To kick back (verb): To relax

Labor Day is a great time to take a day off and kick back.

3. To hang (something) up (verb): To put something away and stop using it, usually a piece of clothing or sports equipment.

After Labor Day, most people hang up their bathing suits for the season.


sunglasses, labor day weekend4. To hang out (verb): To spend time with others

During the Labor Day picnic, we usually hang out with good friends and family members.

5. To hang around (verb): To spend time in one place with people, to hang out

The kids decided to hang around the house while the parents went out for a walk.

6. To grill out (verb): To have a barbecue

On Sunday, we grilled out in my uncle's backyard.



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Ready for a quiz?

 English listening quiz  native English speakers on Labor Day

1. What is Vin's mood during the conversation?

a) lighthearted

b) cynical

c) tired


2. When did the conversation take place?

a) On the Tuesday after Labor Day

b) During Labor Day Weekend

c) One week before Labor Day, on a Saturday


3) Who is gettting married this weekend?

a) Vin's brother's son

b) Vin's son

c) Lindsay's older brother


4) Which activity/activities did Vin say that Americans do on Labor Day:

a) Grill out, host parties and have picnics

b) Hang out with colleagues and go to the beach

c) Attend or host weddings and parties


5) The guys like to _______  ______ on Friday afternoon with drinks.

a) chat up

b) hang up

c) kick back


6) At the end of the winter, skiers hate to ______ _____ their skis.

a) hang in

b) kick around

c) hang up


7) I work hard and I usually lose but my coach always says, " _________ there."

a) kick back

b) hang in

c) hang out


Quiz Answers: 1-a, 2-b, 3-b, 4-c, 5-c, 6-c, 7-b


How did you do on the quiz? If you enjoyed today's lesson and would like to receive more lessons like this one by email, please click the orange button below and subscribe to our blog. Keep working hard on your English listening skills!

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