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Improve your English Conversation Skills | The Big Match

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Sep 19, 2012 @ 07:49 AM

improve English conversation skills boston tennis listening lessonWant to improve your English conversation skills and learn the right vocabulary to talk about the great sport of tennis in English?

If so, this lesson was created for you!

Take three minutes to listen to this real-life conversation between two native English speakers, as they discuss a recent tennis match.

Don't forget to take the quiz and study the new vocabulary words after you listen!

Good luck and enjoy today's lesson!


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The Big Match : Listen to the  English Conversation Now




It's time for a quiz!


English listening quiz tennis balls1. How long ago was Georgia's tennis match?

a) A couple of days ago

b) A few weeks ago

c) Last year at this time






2. In this tournament, Georgia's team competed against the best players in:

a) New Hampshire

b) New England

c) The United States


kim clijsters resized

3. What did Georgia and her partner do well?

a) They communicated well troughout the entire match

b) They compensated for the weather conditions by making a small change in their strategy

c) They hosted a great party after the match


4. Which statement is true?

a) Georgia's team reaches the semi-finals of this tournament every year

b) They fought hard for the match but didn't win

c) They got used to their opponents' styles of play very quickly


Answer Key: 1) b   2) b   3) b   4) b



Study these new vocabulary words:


footsteps1. To backtrack (verb) :  To go back and give some background or context in a story

Georgia backtracked to give us some information about the whole tournament before telling us about her match.


2. To work around (phrasal verb) : To compensate for a problem or an obstacle by coming up with a new strategy

Every tennis player needs to know how to work around back weather conditions like extreme sun or wind.


Federer3. Forehand (noun) : A stroke that a player performs in the game of tennis. For a right-handed player, it happens on the right side of the body. It is often a stronger shot than the backhand for many players.

Pete Sampras was famous for his serve and his incredible forehand.


4. Set (noun) : A sequence of games that are played. The winner of the set must win by at least two games or must win a tiebreak.

At the U.S. Open, women must win 2 out of 3 sets to win the match.


ana ivanovic5. To put up a fight (expression) : To compete fiercely, especially in a game or match.

They didn't win the match but they really put up a fight against the defending champions.


6. A trip (noun) : An experience or person that is unusual, interesting or exciting

The team had never played in the semi-finals so it was quite a trip.


I hope this lesson was helpful! Check back on our blog for more ways to improve your English conversation skills! By the way, tennis is a great way to get active, meet native speakers and practice your English between sets! If you like tennis, find a tennis meetup group and get out there!


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Photo credit: Pro player in white hat and Kim Clijsters: Sid Varshney Blank Faces, Federer and Ivanoic: jekert gwapo, toga, shawnzrossi

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