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Quick English Tip: How to Use "So" and "Such"

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Oct 29, 2012 @ 08:39 AM

Quick English TipQuick look at the picture of the fox!

Finish these sentences using "so" or "such":

1. That fox is ____ tired.

2. That is ____ a tired fox.

3. That fox is ____ tired that he might fall asleep.

Can you complete all of these sentences correctly? Do you ever wonder if you are using "so" and "such" correctly in your everyday English conversations?

If so, today's lesson is for you! We have a quick English tip and video about how to use both words. Watch the video and check your understanding by taking the quiz. Good luck!


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So vs. Such:


  • So + adjective: I am so excited for the party tonight!  He is so angry at his friend
  • So + adverb: They cleaned up the house so quickly, He talks so smoothly
  • To link a fact with a result: I am so full that I'll never eat again


  • Such + noun: He is such a great painter, That was such a fun performance
  • To link a fact with a result: This is such a busy neighborhood that it gets really noisy at night
  • To show degree/extent of something: Their excitement was such that they couldn't calm down



Take the quiz!


1. I had ____ a great day today!

2. Our teacher is ____ amazing.

3. This is _____ a great deal

4. Our apartment is _____ small.

5. New York is______ an exciting place.

6. Thanksgiving is ____ a nice holiday.

7. He is ____ a nice guy that he offered to drive us home.

8. This theater is ____crowded that we'll never find a seat.


Answer Key: 1) such   2) so   3) such  4) so   5) such   6) such   7) such   8) so


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