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Take a Spooky Halloween English Quiz!

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 @ 11:42 AM

English quiz on phrasal verbs for HalloweenHappy Halloween!

This is a fun day for kids and adults in the United States!

I remember preparing a Halloween costume as a kid and going out trick-or-treating with the other kids in the neighborhood. Then, of course, we came home and counted up the candies we had collected! The sugar high from all of the candy usually lasted until Thanksgiving!

How is Halloween celebrated in your country?

In today's lesson, you have a chance to test your knowledge of phrasal verbs by completing a typical English conversation between two people.

if you are hoping to gain new, everyday English expressions and be able to talk about Halloween with your neighbors and friends, take this English quiz and check your answers! Good luck!



Are you going trick-or-treating?



English quiz phrasal verb choices for English conversation


Directions: Choose the correct phrasal verbs to complete the conversation. Remember to conjugate the verbs. The answers are below.


Joe: So, Mary, are you going to (1) _____  ____ for Halloween this year?

Mary: Of course I am! Halloween is my favorite night of the year.

Joe: What are you (2) ______  ____?

Mary: I’m going to be a ghost because it’s an easy costume to (3) _____   ______.

Joe: Wow, you are going to (4) ______   _____ all the kids on the block. You don’t really (5)______  _____ ghosts, do you ?

Halloween English quiz, kids trick or treatingMary: Well, I don’t know. Last year my cousin said he saw a strange figure in his room and heard a weird noise. It really (6)  ______ him ______.  Are you going trick-or-treating this year?

Joe: No, I am going to stay home and (7)_____   ____ candy to the kids.

Mary: That sounds like fun. You know, kids these days will (8)_____ their noses _____ at healthy snacks. I hope you have plenty of candy like Snickers and M&M’s.

Joe: I know, don’t worry. I went to the store earlier. I’m not going to be the only person on the block (9)_____  ___ apples at Halloween. Well, have fun tonight! I hope you (10) _____   ____ with plenty of candy.

Mary: Thanks! I hope so too!


Quiz Answers: (1) dress up  (2) going as  (3) put together  (4) scare away  (5) believe in  (6) freaked him out  (7) hand out  (8) turn their noses up   (9) giving out  (10) end up



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