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Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 @ 07:47 AM

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Today I would like to announce a brand new resource for our readers who are living in Boston!

Are you an international professional who has just moved to Boston and are you looking for information, advice, and tips on how to help your family adjust to life in the United States, how to make small talk at a networking event or maybe just how to order meat and cheese at the grocery store counter?

Our team at English and Culture has worked hard over the past few months to prepare an e-book for you that is easy to read while also being informative and inspirational!

In today's post, I will show you what this new e-book has to offer!

If you already know that this e-book is what you have been looking for, you can purchase and download it instantly. Click here to get the book now.

If you aren't sure yet, keep reading to get all of your questions answered!



Why did we make this e-book?


Japan students croppedI know what it feels like to move to a new country. I have spent a year and a half living and teaching English in Tokyo and about a year traveling and teaching in different parts of Latin America.

During my time in those countries, I faced some real challenges in adjusting to life, completing daily tasks, and communicating with the people. I felt lonely at times as I went through cultural adjustment and I wish that I had known what to expect ahead of time. I wish I had had more information to help make the first few weeks or months a little bit easier.

I am guessing that you are experiencing similar feelings of confusion and excitement. Am I right? That's why we created this e-book! In order to succeed in the U.S., you need all of the tools you can get. This book can be one of your tools.



How can this e-book help you?


things to do on the weekends in Boston1. Learn about 4 places to spend your time in Boston: You are lucky to be living in a fun, exciting, innovative, and intellectual city! Take advantage of it! The first section of the book provides our suggestions about the best places to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon or a lunch hour in Boston.


2. Get 4 tips on transportation in Boston: It's true what they say: Driving in Boston can be a complete nightmare! We have some alternative options to suggest and this section will fill you in one some of the details you need to know.


3. Learn everyday survival English: When you walk into your neighborhood cafe every morning, you want to be able to order it with confidence, right? I bet you also want to be able to ask for directions and make small talk at a networking event successfully! This section will give you the vocabulary you need to do those things right away.


4. Get 5 strategies to improve your English in Boston: Just because you are living in the United States doesn't mean that you will become fluent in English! You have to work at it. We have 5 suggestions for ways you can do that in everyday life and through English language training and tutoring.


adjusting to life in Boston5. Get advice on how to handle the transition to life in a new culture: Moving to a new country is not the same as traveling as a tourist. If you don't take the time to prepare for how you will feel during the transition, you might find yourself distracted, depressed, and unable to deal with your new life in Boston. Prepare yourself for culture shock in this section of the guide.



6. Find out how to succeed in American culture: This section tells you 13 things you should know about American people and American culture. You want to understand the people in order to work with them successfully, right? Learn about them in this section.


7. Find out how to be successful in the American workplace: This section will tell you about the importance of eye contact, a firm handshake, and a clear understanding of how time is used differently in the United States compared with your home country.


kids on the street8. Learn how to help your family succeed in the United States: Did you come to the U.S. with children? This section will give you a sense of what they might be dealing with and how you can help them learn and grow from their time in the U.S.





Who is this e-book for?


Many pieces of this e-book were created as direct answers to questions from our adult English language training students in Boston. But this book can help many people. Here's who can benefit from this book:

  • Elkin English language training studentInternational professionals who are working in the U.S. including scientists and medical professionals, government professionals, finance professionals, professionals working in academia, etc.
  • Spouses or partners of international professionals who are or are not working
  • International undergraduate or graduate students who are studying in Boston temporarily
  • Families who have moved to the United States with young children or teenagers




What are readers saying?


picture of Boston English guide reader testimonial"This guide is pinpointed and direct with quotes and tips in between makes a great read. Will definitely help people to know a great deal about Boston and help in avoiding some serious cultural mishaps."

-Siddhartha, India


"I learned a lot about Boston and your country even though I lived two years in the US in 2003-2004 and have been in Boston for six months now."

-Benoit, France


"I have read your e-book but not finished yet. It is a great book for newcomers in Boston. I was looking for this kind of book when I prepared to come here. If I had found your e-book in the App store before I came, I would not have bought the Lonely Planet book. Once I finish reading, I will forward it to my friends. I am sure that they will enjoy your e-book."

-May, Thailand


"Having been in Boston in 6 months, many things I read in your book rang a bell and I wish I had known these things before or when moving here."

-Laetitia, France


"If you are new in the town, the guide is helpful because it gives the needed information about the main social life topics in Boston. Also it provides links and suggestions."

-Ana, Spain


"This book supplies the opportunity to learn about American culture and I think it is written in easy language so all of the people can read it. I'd like to buy this book."

-Xui Li, China



How can you get the e-book?


This e-book is available now at a special low price of $9


Get the information and advice that you need to be successful with your new life in Boston! The e-book is now available for instant download after purchashing by credit card or with your PayPal account. Please click here to learn more and download your book.







Photo credits: evilomthai, robertotostes, KellBailey

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