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6 Awesome Places to Walk and Talk in Boston and New York

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Mar 06, 2013 @ 06:58 AM

places to walk in New York and Boston for English learnersBoston and New York are walking cities!

That means that it's easy to get around on foot. You don't need a car!

Both of these amazing cities are full of interesting people and things to see while you walk.

Earlier this week, we published an article to help you learn 25 vocabulary words you need to take a walk in English. Now that those words are a part of your English vocabulary, it's time to lace up your walking shoes and hit the streets! In today's article, I will give you my 6 favorite places to take a nice, long walk in Boston and New York.





1) Boston Common and the Public Gardens

Boston common and the public gardensThese two parks are located right in the center of Boston near Park Street on the Red Line and Boylston Street on the Green Line. 

Because they are in the middle of the city, they are ideal for a mid-day escape from the office.

Want to take your lunch hour to stroll through a park? This is the place to do it.

Boston Common is a great place to have a summer picnic with friends on a Saturday afternoon and the Public Gardens are perfect if you want to snap some photos of your family with a nice backdrop.



2) The Charles River

Charles River walkingThe Charles River is a great place to be on a warm, weekend afternoon.

If you take the Charles River Bike Path for your walk, you will have 23 miles of paved space to explore. Check out the Boston side and the Cambridge side.

If you are looking for more intense exercise than just walking, The Charles River is also a great place for runners and rollerbladers.

Check out the Charles River Esplanade in the summer and fall for great concerts!



3) Harvard Square

Harvard Square take a walk

If you are looking for an interesting and exciting walk, try Harvard Square.

There is never a dull moment in this bustling neighborhood.

You'll pass bookstores and coffeeshops while walking alongside an interesting mix of students, professors, business people and locals.

Try walking through Harvard Yard and up Mass Avenue toward Central Square, where you will find a noticeably different crowd of people.


4) The North End


Boston's North EndThe North End is known as Boston's Little Italy.

There are more than 100 restaurants and cafes in this part of town.

This area makes for a great walk because there are a lot of historic sites to visit from the late 1600's and the early 1700's like the Old North Church.

When you are finished exploring the area on foot, you can sit down for a nice Italian coffee or get a gelato if you are in the mood for a cool treat.





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New York


1) The Highline

The Highline NYC

The Highline is an inspiring and artistic place to take a walk on a Sunday afternoon before or after brunch or on a Saturday evening with a date!

Located on Manhattan's west side, the Highline used to be the site of railroad tracks until they stopped being used in the 1980's.

In 2009, the area was preserved and turned into a 1-mile long park that sits above the Meatpacking District.

Head out to the Highline if you are in need of a good walk and enjoy the views of New Jersey and the creative use of the space.



2) The Brooklyn Bridge


brooklyn bridge No, it's not just for tourists! New Yorkers use this bridge every day for exercise, to clear their busy minds and sometimes to bike or walk to work.

You can walk from Manhattan into Brooklyn and explore Fort Greene, DUMBO and other cute and now very trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods or you can stop for pizza at the famous Grimaldi's.

Just be sure to stay in the walkers' lane because the bikers come fast and in true New York style, they lose their patience quickly!



3) Washington Square Park


washingon square park

Downtown Manhattan is a great place to walk and explore (much better than Times Square) and there is no better place to start than Washington Square Park.

This park has a ton of history, has been written about in songs and poems, and is still a place where you are most likely to find people who prefer to reject the status quo.

Grab a falafel sandwhich at Mamoun's Falafel and take it to the park. Play a game of chess with the guys who are out there all the time.

When you are ready to continue your walk, you can wind in and out of the streets of the West Village, which are full of coffee shops, movie stars' apartments, and students from NYU. When you have had enough of the crowds, head west toward the Hudson River and stroll along the bikepath all the way down to Battery Park City.


So now that spring is on the way, get out and hit the streets! Enjoy the fresh air, meet local people and practice your English with native speakers that you pass during your walk!

If you are currently living in Boston and would like some help getting started in your new life here, please click the button below to get advice and information. Enjoy the spring!









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