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Speak Everyday English at Home with this Quiz

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Mar 11, 2013 @ 08:12 AM

Would you like to know how to use and understand more natural, everyday English in your life, instead of just learning it in your English class and then forgetting it?

Well, one of the first places to start practicing your English is at home. If you can find native English-speaking roommates and immerse yourself in English at home, do that!

If you have moved to the U.S. with your family, then you will probably not have English-speaking roommates, but at least make an effort not to live in a neighborhood where there are a lot people from your home country. Sure, it might feel more comfortable at first, but you need to live in an English-speaking neighborhood where you can speak with neighbors or even the mailman. In large cities like New York or Boston, it is very easy to find a neighborhood with people from your home country. If you are serious about improving your English, don't do it!

In today's quiz, you can test your knowledge of the everyday English phrasal verbs that you need to communicate with your English-speaking roommates and neighbors.

Ready to get started?




 Quiz! Everyday English phrasal verbs to use at home



1. I'm tired of _______ after everyone. They leave their dishes in the sink every morning!

a) picking up

b) moving out

c) weeding out


2. This is my room. Please don't __________. You should knock first.

a) push over

b) tear into

c) barge in


3. My roommates and I argued about who should shovel the snow in the driveway, but we eventually _______ it _______.

a) tore....down

b) talked...out

c) mulled...over


4. What time do you usually _________ at night?

a) turn in

b) stay out

c) pass away


person cooking at home5. I asked my roommate to help with the cooking, but she ________ my request.

a) turned in

b) brushed off

c) melted down


6. We need to _______ the house before my birthday party on Saturday night!

a) pull off

b) wipe off

c) tidy up


 7. I had an arugment with my neighbor over parking, but the problem quickly ________.

a) blew over

b) busted out

c) rubbed off


8. We try to _______ the cleaning responsibilities so that everyone can help.

a) give out

b) divvy up

c) split apart


9. Stop playing loud music in the house! _____ it______!


b) Make...up

c) Turn...up


pay the rent10. Our landlord will __________ if we don't pay the rent soon. It's already late.

a) put up

b) blow out

c) freak out





Answers: 1) a   2) c   3) b   4) a   5) b   6) c  7) a   8) b   9) a  10) c



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Learn more about the verbs here:


1) To pick up after someone: To clean up someone else's mess

No one is going to pick up after you when you are in college.


2) To barge in: To enter a room or an area without knocking or asking for permission

If you don't want anyone to barge in, you should lock the door.


3) To talk something out: To resolve a problem or disagreement by speaking about it

The best way to solve a problem at home is to talk it out.


4) To turn in: To go to bed

I usually turn in early on Sunday nights to get enough rest for the upcoming week.


5) To brush off: To dismiss, to ignore

The landlord brushed off our request for help with the heating system in our home.


6) To tidy up: To make clean and neat, to straighten up

You have to tidy up your room before you go out with your friends.


7) To blow over: To disappear, to go away

We had a huge fight in the house, but things blew over after a couple of days.


8) To divvy up: To divide, to share

Let's divvy up the cooking tasks so that we can prepare the dinner by 8pm.


9) Knock something off: To stop doing something

Hey, your messy habits are bothering me. Please knock it off.


10) To freak out: To get very upset or angry, to experience a strong emotion

Please don't freak out, but I accidently put your wool sweater in the dryer.



How did the quiz go for you? If you are struggling with phrasal verbs, click on the button below. We are developing an iPhone app to help you solve your problems with everyday English phrasal verbs! Sign up to get an invitation to try it when it's ready!







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