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5 Business English Vocabulary Terms to Impress your Boss

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Mar 13, 2013 @ 06:57 AM

business English vocabulary terms Phrasal verbs, two businesspeopleDo you ever feel nervous or stressed out at work because of your English?

Do you ever feel afraid of starting a conversation with your boss or asking a question because you might not understand his response?

Many international professionals in the U.S. struggle with this problem!

What can you do if you are dealing with this?

Start to learn and use common business English vocabulary terms in your everyday life at work with your colleagues, so that you will be prepared when it comes time to speak with your boss or supervisor.

We designed today's infographic to teach you 5 common phrasal verbs that you can use at your workplace. Take a look!

If you want to learn more about business English for your workplace check out this article!



Study these business English vocabulary terms:



Test your understanding! Try this quiz


Directions: Choose the correct phrasal verbs to complete the conversation.

wrap up, run through, follow up, write up, put off


business English vocab, conversation between colleaguesBrian: So, Beth how are you doing with the preparations for the upcoming presentation?

Beth: Oh, well unfortunately I am not doing so well. I have been _____1_______ for the past three weeks and the presentation is on Friday. I don't think it's going to go very well.

Brian: Well, if you want to ____2____ it together, I have some free time on Thursday afternoon because my client canceled. I could listen and give you some feedback.

Beth: Really? That would be great! I would really appreciate that. I will _____3_____ with you on Wednesday to plan a time and place to meet.

Brian: Ok that sounds great. By the way, did you _____4____ any notes from the morning meeting today?

Beth: No, I got there late. By the time I took out my notebook, they were already ____5______.

Brian: Ok, I will get them from someone else in the office. See you later in the week!

Beth: Great, see you then.


Answers: 1) putting it off    2) run through    3) follow up   4) write up   5) wrapping up




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Infographic photo credits: watching presentation: tobiastoft, clock: deux-chi, man on phone: victor1558,taking notes: betsyweber, intro picture: Tulane Public Relations, dialogue picture: Details at (cc) Shashi Bellamkonda Social Media Swami Network Solutions 

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