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Infographic! Going to the Gym in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Apr 08, 2013 @ 07:56 AM

English vocabulary going to the gym  opening a gym membershipIt's spring and it's time to get active and get in shape!

If you don't like jogging or cycling outside, one way to get in shape is to join a gym. This could also be a great way to practice your English if you join some of the workout classes and start talking with other students in the class.

In today's lesson, you will learn everything you need to know about going to the gym in English including how to set up your gym membership and what to call different pieces of equipment in the gym. Good luck and have fun getting in shape!


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Check out the infographic


English vocabulary going to the gym infographic



Expressions you should know


  • English vocabulary terms exercise spin classTo get in shape: To become healthier by losing weight or gaining muscle mass


  • To work out: To exercise, to burn calories


  • To work (something) off: To burn calories that were taken in by consuming a food or drink


  •  To do push ups: An exercise that requires you to lift your body up and down using your arms in order to target the arm muscles and to tighten the abdominal mucles. 



  • To do sit ups: An exercise that is meant to tighten and flatten your waistline by pulling your body up using only the abdominal muscles.




Opening a gym membership

 front deskGym employee: Hi and welcome to our gym. Are you interested in opening a membership?

Customer: Yes, I'm trying to get in shape, but first I'd like to know about the different options that you have.

Gym employee: Sure, we have a limited membership which means that you can use the weight room, but the classes are not available. We also have the unlimited membership, which means you can use all of the facilities and participate in all of the classes with no extra charge.

Customer: Ok, well how much do these memberships cost?

Gym employee: The limited membership is 40 dollars per month and the unlimited membership is 70 dollars per month.

Customer: Wow is there a registration fee?

Gym employee: No, there is no fee to join.

dumbellsCustomer: Great, do I have to commit to a full year of membership or can I pay by the month?

Gym employee: Well, the prices that I gave you are available when you pay for the full year in advance. If you want to pay by the month, it will be an additional ten dollars per month for both plans.

Customer: Wow, it sounds kind of expensive.

Gym employee: Well, we think we have the best gym in town with the most up-to-date and advanced facilities and equipment. It really is a great deal if you come to the gym frequently. How often do you plan to work out?

Customer: I hope to get here at least a few times per week. Let me think about it and I will let you know.

Gym employee: Great, we hope to see you soon!


So take some of the new words that you learned today and go check out your local gym to get in shape! If you found this lesson helpful, please click on the button below to subscribe to this blog. Thanks!



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Infographic photo credits: Spirit-Fire, CherryPoint, maHidoodi, Twon, Brisbane City Council, Ben Husmann

Photo credits: bobroche, busyPrinting, jerryonlife, SashaW, JoeShlabotnik

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