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How ESL Podcasts Can Give You a Confidence Boost in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, May 28, 2013 @ 11:03 AM

ESL podcast confidence boostWant to know the best way to gain confidence in yourself as an English speaker?

The key is to create opportunities to hear the English language as much as you can.

But you are busy, right? I know.

I am busy too. Everyone is busy.

You probably don't have time to study at home every night or even on the weekends.

Here is a better idea: Try podcasts!

Recently I have been listening to podcasts all of the time! I listen to them while I walk to meet students for their lessons. I listen to them on the train. I listen to them when I go for a run in the morning.

If you have a smartphone you can do this too!

In today's lesson, I will show you the best podcasts that you can try today.

Enjoy and happy podcasting!


#1) All Ears English


all ears english conversationWhat's good about this podcast?


  • Fun, optimistic, and natural conversation with Gabby and Lindsay
  • Tips on how to adjust to life in the United States 
  • Excellent audio qualiy and fun guest appearances
  • Get motivated, be a part of a fun community



Get the All Ears English Podcast







#2) Better at English


Better at English podcast

What's great about this podcast?

  • They have realistic and authentic conversations between British and American English native speakers
  • The transcripts and vocabulary explanations are free and available on their website
  • Comprehension questions are asked before the conversation so that you can listen for the answers



Visit the Better at English site







#3) Culips ESL Podcast

Culips Podcast

What's great about this podcast?

  • Maura and Harp are the hosts. They are two Canadian women with fun personalities
  • The podcast focuses on natural English and cultural issues
  • They have a relaxed, conversational style
  • The audio is clear
  • You can learn new idioms, slang words, and expressions
  • You can become a member to get the transcripts and quizzes



Visit Culips Podcast website







#4) Business English Pod


business English podcastWhat's great about this podcast?

  • The voice and audio quality is good
  • You can hear both American and British accents
  • You can listen to business telephone conversations, job interviews, presentations, and more
  • The hosts explain what happened during each conversation and they teach you the meaning of each new English phrase or vocabulary word that was used
  • You can become a premium member if you want to get the transcripts


Visit the Business English Pod website






#5) ESL Pod

ESL PODWhat's great about this podcast?

  • Many positive reviews from students
  • 800+ episodes available
  • Features conversational dialogues between native speakers
  • The conversations are made slower for better comprehension
  • The new vocabulary is explained at the end of each conversation
  • They feature a variety of situations including talking to a bank teller, preparing for a speech, or shopping at the supermarket


Visit the ESL Pod website






So, if you are feeling like you don't have any confidence in English-speaking situations, prepare yourself and build the confidence that you need by making English a part of your daily commute to work or your morning run.

The more that you create an English environment around you, the more comfortable you will feel during your next presentation in English or your next business meeting in English.

So grab your smartphone and download your first podcast now! Good luck





Photo credits: p_a_h

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