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Getting Away? How To Talk About Your Vacation in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 @ 08:01 AM

how to talk about your vacation in EnglishIt's almost August!

We are about halfway through the summer and right around this time you might be thinking about taking a vacation!

If you are going to take a vacation, then you need to know how to talk about your plans in English with your American friends and colleagues.

I created this article to help you with that challenge!

Keep reading for easy phrases that you can use to talk about your upcoming vacation!




British versus American English: Confusing Differences



  • british versus american englihIn British English: Holiday= time spent away from work or school (they don't use the word vacation). "To go on holiday" means to take a break from work and perhaps travel somewhere.


  • In American English: Holiday= a special day such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or the Fourth of July. Vacation= time spent away from work or school




Question #1: Where are you going? (stating your intention)


  • where are you going on vacation  northwest airlines"We're thinking about exploring some national parks out West" ("out west" means the American West- states like Colorado, Nevada, Arizona)
  • "We are headed to Florida for some time at the beach."
  • "We're going to go camping in upstate New York."
  • We're planning to check out Washington DC because we've never been there."
  • "I'm hoping to rent a car and do a cross-country roadtrip."




Question # 2: What are you going to do? (action verbs)


  • beach vacationExplore a new state
  • Visit some museums
  • Sample the food at a famous restaurant
  • Hang out at home
  • Escape to a beautiful beach
  • Catch a plane to Europe
  • Break up my routine and sleep late every morning
  • Kick back at the beach
  • Indulge in good food and wine




Question # 3: When are you coming back?


  • people traveling"I'll be back by August 15th."
  • "I should be back in a few weeks."
  • "We expect to come back on the 23rd of August."
  • "We're planning to be back in time for work on Monday."
  • "We're going to catch a flight home on Sunday evening."
  • "I'll be home in 17 days."




I hope this article will help you explain your vacation plans to your American colleagues in English! Enjoy your August vacation if you are planning to take one!



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