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How to Learn Real American English on Your Way to Work for Free

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Nov 18, 2013 @ 07:16 AM

Do you feel comfortable speaking English with native speakers or are you still memorizing phrases from a textbook and trying to use them in conversation?

If you are still not comfortable with English and if you feel like you can't engage in real conversations with real native English speakers, then you need to change something in your English-learning routine.

What should you change?

I have noticed that a lot of students memorize the dictionary. I think you should throw out your dictionary and your textbooks and immerse yourself in real English.

You can do that through listening practice!

Today I want to introduce a new English conversation podcast that my colleague and I are creating for you!

This is a free opportunity to practice everyday American English on your way to work or school.



3 ways this podcast can help you


  • Reduce your English anxiety: Do you panic when it comes time to interact with real English speakers? Can you pass your English exams, but not really speak the language? We created this podcast for people like you. We will help you relax and open your mind to learning in a new way. English doesn't have to be scary or stressful. This podcast will help you look forward to English practice every day


  • Stop speaking like a robot: The textbook that you used to learn English in high school will teach you phrases such as "how do you do?" If you use this phrase, you will sound very old-fashioned (like a grandmother!) Get real, up-to-date and in-style phrases, idioms, and expressions from real English teachers from Boston, USA


  • Learn about American culture and American people: In this podcast, Gabby and I will talk about how you can create a great life for yourself in the US if you are here studying or working. We'll show you how to apply to university in the US, how to succeed in an American interview and so much more!



This podcast is free!

Download it now by clicking the button below and please let us know what you think by leaving a rating for us on itunes!



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