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How to Pronounce The 43 Most Common American Names

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Dec 09, 2013 @ 07:58 AM

how to pronounce common American namesDo you have trouble connecting with people in English?

Maybe one reason for that is that you don't get past the first step! What's the first step? It's recognizing and being able to pronounce the person's name!

Don't worry. In today's post, I will tell you the most common American names and how to pronounce them!

Keep reading if you want to instantly connect with American people.



What do you need to know about nicknames?


 nicknamesMany people like to "go by" a nickname, but until someone specifically says, "oh, you can call me (nickname)," you should continue to call them by their full name.

Nicknames that end in -y or -ie (Patty, Suzie, Jimmy) are much more common for children. Usually by the time someone is a teenager or young adult, they are no longer called by this kind of nickname. However, sometimes family members or close friends will continue to use a nickname like this when they are an adult.


Americans born in the 1950's and 1960's



American names from the 1950sMen:

  • James (Jimmy, Jim)
  • Robert (Rob, Robbie, Bob, Bobby)
  • John (Johnny)
  • Michael (Mike)
  • David (Dave)
  • Mark
  • William (Bill, Will, Billy, Willie)
  • Richard (Rich, Rick, Ricky, Dick)
  • Thomas (Tom, Tommy)




  • Linda
  • Mary
  • Patricia (Patty, Pat, Trish, Trisha/Tricia)
  • Barbara (Barb, Barbie)
  • Susan (Sue, Suzie)
  • Karen
  • Lisa
  • Cynthia (Cinny, Cindy)
  • Donna



Americans born in the 1970's and 1980's


American names from the 1970sMen:


  • Christopher (Chris, Topher)
  • Jason (Jay)
  • Matthew (Matt)
  • Joshua (Josh)
  • Joseph (Joe, Joey)



  • Jennifer (Jenn, Jenny)
  • Amanda (Mandy)
  • Jessica (Jess, Jessie)
  • Michelle (Shelly)
  • Nicole (Niki)
  • Heather
  • Elizabeth (Liz, Lizzie, Lisa, Beth, Betsy, Betty)



Americans born in the 1990's and 2000's



  • Daniel (Dan, Danny)
  • Andrew (Drew, Andy)
  • Justin
  • Nicholas (Nick, Nicky)
  • Tyler (Ty)




  • Ashley (Ash)
  • Brittany (Britt)
  • Sarah
  • Lauren
  • Samantha (Sam, Sammy)
  • Emily (Em)
  • Madison (Maddy)
  • Alexis (Lexie, Lex, Alex)






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