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How to Talk About a Movie in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Dec 02, 2013 @ 07:51 AM

how to talk about a movie in EnglishDo you ever feel like you want to be able to go deeper in your English conversations?

Many students at the intermediate level have a certain set of English vocabulary words that they continue to use over and over again. Is that what you do?

Stop using the same words!

In today's blog post, I will give you some new vocabulary words that you can use to tell someone about a movie that you have seen.



Listen to the the conversation!


vocabulary to talk about a movie in EnglishIn this conversation, you will hear two native English speakers discussing the new movie The Great Gatsby!

Listen to the conversation and try to figure out the perspective of both of the speakers.


Listen to the conversation here






1) "The movie captured my attention from the beginning"

capture emotionThe word "capture" means to catch or to seize. If you use this phrase, you are saying that you found the movie intriguing and interesting from the start.



2) "The cinematography was amazing."


When you make a comment about the "cinematography," you are commenting on the motion-picture photography and the general art behind the film.



3) "The scene that stands out in my mind the most is the part where the main characters fall in love."

talentedA "scene" is a specific section of a movie where the time and location are fixed. When you say that one part of a movie "stands out" in your mind, you are saying that you remember it more than other parts.



4) "When the movie first came out, the critics weren't crazy about it."


The term "come out" means to be released into the theatres for the public to watch. "Critics" are professionals who watch movies and write a review about the quality of the movie, according to their own opinions.





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