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Video Tip # 5: Is Your English Old Fashioned and Out-Of-Date?

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Fri, Jan 10, 2014 @ 10:27 AM

Is your English old fashioned and out of dateYou have been learning English your entire life, right?

Do you remember learning phrases like "how do you do?" You know that this phrase is out-of-date and never used in US, but maybe you have even tried using it because you didn't know what else to say?

This is the problem that I want to help you with today.

Your English is old fashioned and when you learned English back in school, you only learned the language. You didn't learn anything about the culture.




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2 Tips for a More Successful Learning Plan


1) Choose materials made by native speakers


The materials that you use should be created by native speakers of English. They should also be created by people who live in the culture that you plan to visit and speak in. For some of you that might be the United States. For others, it might be England or Australia.



2) Choose materials that teach both language and culture together


There are many aspects of American English that a student simply cannot understand if he or she doesn't attempt to understand American culture. Culture is deeply integrated within a language, so be sure to choose a program or study materials that help you understand not only the language, but also the culture.



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