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Infographic: How to Clean Your House in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 @ 08:23 AM

English vocabulary terms for housecleaning itemsOne of your biggest challenges in your life in the United States is probably knowing how to ask for certain things in stores.

What if you want to clean your house, but you don't know what the word is for that thing that you use to suck up dirt and dust from the rug?

How can you keep your house clean if you don't know these vocabulary words?

Over the past few months, we have received quite a few questions about English vocabulary terms for household cleaning items.

We created this lesson to answer your questions!

Check out today's lesson on English vocabulary for household cleaning.

Good luck with your cleaning!




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I hope this infographic will help you know what to ask for on your next trip to the store as you prepare to clean your house! If you want to learn more, check out this picture dictionary

You can also check out our lesson on everyday English phrasal verbs for more ways to communicate with people in your house!

Don't forget! We are working on a mobile game app to help you understand how to use phrasal verbs such as "hang out," "turn up," and "turn around." The app will be ready for download soon! Click on the button below to find out when it becomes available.




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Photo credits: broom: wayne's eye view, mop: ToastyKen, dustpan: Melissa Eder, sponges: Horia Varlan, paper towels: thousandshipz, bleach: dno1967b, plunger and toilet brush: Nick Douglas, toilet paper: macaron, macaron(EstBleu2000), bucket: john47kent, vacuum: WordRidden, dustbuster: ndrwfgg, washer and dryer: b0jangles, iron: mrstg, ironing board: Sitka Projects LLC,  clothespins: Newsbie Pix, clothesline: tracitodd, hanger: PinkMoose, laundry basket: just jennifer, cleaning products: Keith Williamson, duster: wayne's eye view, laundry basket: lylamerle

House: Stefano A, doing laundry: English106, scrubbing: bark, baby vacuuming: superhua

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