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Get Behind the Wheel! 18 Parts of Your Car in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Mar 27, 2013 @ 08:20 AM

English vocabulary words in a car, dog in carNow that spring is here, you are probably planning some great weekend roadtrips to get out of Boston or New York or wherever you are living in the United States and see the countryside!

Great idea!

But before you grab the kids and the dog and jump in the car for your adventure, make sure you know how to say all of the parts of your car in English! 

Check out today's lesson to learn 18 crucial car vocabulary words in English.


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English vocabulary cars




Here are a few expressions you should know:

  • cars in a parking lot, car parts in EnglishTo get behind the wheel: To drive, to be the person in control of the car

  • To step on it: To step on the gas, to increase speed
  • To ride shotgun: To ride in the front passenger seat of the car instead of the back seat
  • To give someone a lift: To give someone a ride

  • To pick someone up: To come and get someone and take them in the car
  • To drop someone off: To drive someone to their destination and then leave them there




Are you planning to rent a car in the United States?

  • rental carZipcar: Zipcar provides an easy way to book a rental car online, pick it up in your neighborhood and then leave it in the most convenient place for you- no traveling to the airport to get a rental car! You can pay a membership fee for a lower price or get an hourly car rental at about $8 per hour.


  • Avis: Avis is another option for car rental. They may offer better deals than Zipcar if you want to rent a car for a longer period of time. The prices always change depending on the time of year, holidays, and whether you want to rent for a weekday or a weekend so be sure to book in advance.




Want to learn more English for the road?

 stop signSo you have your rental car, you know how to say all of the parts of your car in English, but do you know how to follow directions in English?

Do you know what it means to "hang a right" or to "veer left"? How about "parallel park"?

If not, check out this article: Driving in English: Read this Before You Hit the Road



Travel the United States by car and learn English

 open road, travel US and learn EnglishTraveling around the U.S. by car, bus, or train is a great way to learn English by immersing yourself in the American culture, meeting new people, and forming friendships with those you meet on road. Here are some great places to visit on a roadtrip in the United States:

  • Redwoods National Park in Northern California
  • Grand Canyon in Arizona
  • Pacific Coast Highway in California

To learn more and practice your English listening skills, check out the article: English Immersion: How to Travel the U.S. and Learn English



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Photo credits: top photo: waferboard, thecrazyfilmgirl, jurvetson, other photos: The Pug Father Noize Photography, infographic: gray car bumper: mark_212011, car pedals: HighTechDad, car dashboard: butter.corey, yellow car- Charles Williams, rusty car- hill.josh, guys in red car: jurvetson, front of car: ganesha.isis,

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