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On the Right Track to your English Goals? Find Out!

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, Jun 26, 2012 @ 07:28 AM

on the right trackWe are halfway through 2012. Can you believe it?

How is the year going for you so far?

As we close out the sixth month of the year, take a moment to think about the English goals that you set back in January.

What kind of progress have you made in moving toward those goals?

Did you promise yourself that you would speak more with native English speakers or pass the TOEFL exam?

Did you set a goal to move into a homestay with a local family?

Don't let the year fly by without making some progress toward those goals!

Here is your chance to stop, sit down with a coffee and think about how your everyday activities and actions are contributing to your goals or taking you further away from them.

How can you do that? You need to ask the right questions of course!

Here are 5 questions that you should ask yourself today.


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1) Am I improving my English at home every day?


english goals, living with English speaking roommate

Immerse yourself in the English language at home and you will improve ten times faster than your colleagues or friends who just take English classes and rarely practice at home.

Learning a language is all about practice! Get your 10,000 hours of practice in while you are at home, doing everyday things.

Want to know more about why this is important and how to make the change if you are not doing this now?


Learn how to master English with immersion at home.



2) Do I have the right people on my side?


English goals the right peopleNo one becomes successful all by themselves.

You need to hang out with the right people!

You need a group of friends who challenge you and support you.

They should also be striving for their own goals.

They should look at life abroad as an opportunity for growth.

Are you spending your valuable time with the right people?


Find out the secret to relocating successfully to the United States



 3) Am I using the right methods to learn English?


using the right English learning methods, Boston There are so many diffferent approaches that you could take to improve your English, but not all of those methods will help you reach your goals.


Are you spending too much time with your nose in a grammar book and forgetting to get out and practice with native speakers?


Do you know your learning style and have you asked your teacher or tutor to gear the lessons based on the way that you learn?


Don't study harder. Study smarter!



Find out the best language learning methods from one of our professional ESL tutors.



4) Am I confident in my English skills at work?


English at work BostonDo you have the English skills you need to deliver a presentation or a webinar at work?

Have you recently been asked to lead the next meeting at your company? Wondering what the best phrases are to use in the meeting?

Do you have cultural competence at work? Do you know how your colleagues from different parts of the world use time differently?


Get training for business English



5) Do I know how to introduce people in English?


how to introduce people in EnglishThe most successful socializers are not only great at introducing themselves but they are good at bringing people together. They are connectors.

Are you a connector?

Do you know the correct phrases to introduce old friends and new friends, colleagues and acquaintances, to each other?

If you master this skill, you will have a better social and professional experience in the United States.


Learn how to introduce people in English



You have 6 months left to reach your 2012 goals! Get started!


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