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The Top 13 English Lessons of 2013

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Fri, Dec 13, 2013 @ 09:59 AM

top 13 English lessons of 2013It's Friday the 13th and it's a chilly day here in Boston! Some people in the US think that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

Are you superstitious?

Well, since it's Friday the 13th, it's the perfect day to bring you our top 13 blog lessons of 2013!

Don't worry if you missed some of them! 

Today I am bringing them all to you in one article.

Check it out!







1) 21 Ways to Say Hello and Goodbye in English


how to say hello and goodbye in EnglishWatch the video and learn 21 casual, real, everyday English ways to greet someone and say goodbye to them.

Speak like a real, native English speaker with this video lesson!


Read the post here.






2) How to Make Him or Her Fall in Love with you in English


English phrasal verbs for love and datingFind out how to make someone fall in love with you using the right 9 phrasal verbs!

Learn these verbs:

  • Make out
  • Cuddle up
  • Set up
  • Fall for
  • Ask out
  • Take out


Get the article here plus 3 more phrasal verbs!




3) 25 Vocabulary Words You Need to Take a Walk in English

english vocabulary take a walkLearn new ways to say "take a walk" including:

  • To take a stroll
  • To wander
  • To power walk
  • To scurry
  • To run into/bump into someone


Get the article here





4) 5 Business English Terms to Impress Your Boss


business English vocabulary terms Phrasal verbs, two businesspeopleGet this infographic and learn new phrasal verb terms for work such as "write up," "follow up," "run through," and "wrap up."


Get the article and infographic here







5) Your Ultimate Guide to Practicing English Online

online resources learning EnglishDo you want to improve your English from home, online? Here are some great resources for listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Get started today with these ideas!



Click here to get the article






6) The 6 Worst Ways to Start a Conversation with an American


6 worst ways to start a conversation with an American, sitting on benchCheck out this guest post by Gabby Wallace from Go Natural English.

Learn 6 things that you should avoid when you start a conversation with an American person including:

  • Acting weird or creepy
  • Talking about money
  • Using too much slang or informal speech
  • Insulting the person


Get the last 2 in the article here




7) 5 Mistakes You Are Making in Everyday English Conversation

common mistakes in everyday English conversation

Are you making these 5 common English mistakes?

Find out in this post!


Click here to view the post.








8) How to Say 5 Things You Did this Weekend in Natural English


natural English vocabulary for weekend activitiesDo you want to know how to describe your weekend activities?

Check out this post to learn how to say what you did over the weekend in English!



Read the post here






9) 4 American English Expressions for a Rainy Day


rainy day English expressions woman in the rainDo you want to expand your vocabulary with new American English expressions that you can use when it rains? Check out this article. Here are some of the terms that you will learn:

  • "To get rained out"
  • "When it rains, it pours"
  • "It's raining cats and dogs"
  • "Rain or shine"


Find out how to use these terms here




10) How to Recognize "Can" versus "Can't" in English Conversation


CAN VERSUS CANT  English conversationsDo you struggle with this problem?

Believe it or not, native speakers also struggle with this problem- a lot!

It can be really hard to recognize the differences between "can" and "can't."

But don't worry, in this video I am going to show you some of the key differences.

Check out the video lesson here





11) 24 Ways to Show that You Are Listening in English Conversations


24 ways to show that you are listening in English conversationsDo you ever wonder what you should say to show the person that you are listening in English?

You don't want to repeat the same phrases like "yes" or "uh huh" all of the time, so what should you say?


Find out in this lesson







12) How to Pronounce the 43 Most Common American Names


how to pronounce common American namesNames are important! When you meet someone new, you want to be able to pronounce their name correctly and to remember it!

In this lesson, we give you the most common 43 American names and we tell you how to pronounce them.


Check out the article here.



13) 6 Ways to Exit a Group Conversation in English

how to exit a group conversation in EnglishDo you sometimes wonder how to get out of a conversation politely without offending the people that you are speaking with?

Here are a few phrases that you can use:

  • "Sorry, I have to run."
  • "I have to get going."
  • "I'm going to take off."
  • "I'm off!"


Read the article for 2 more phrases!




Do you want to start 2014 with a strong push for better English skills? If so, try our conversation program! Click the button below to take a free trial.








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